The Sportification of Esports

This article was written in response to the buzz around the Overwatch League and some timely market reports regarding esports’ potential growth. At the time, many articles were decrying the ambitions of the OWL, stating the asking prices for franchise spots were far too high.

Here, I explore the ways esports were evolving on the global scale and how the region as part of the whole focus was becoming prevalent in a more structured way than arbitrary majors.

Pokémon as an Alternative Esport?

This is a little unusual. At the time I was basically a go-to for Ginx for whenever they were unable to get someone to talk about specific topic. Often with less than a day’s notice, I’d be in London having researched the topic and in some cases, having written the brief.

In this clip, we have an off the cuff round table discussion about Pokémon and it’s roots, as well as its future potential.

Interview – Kevin “Findable Carpet” Brown


An interview with one of the more well known Rocket League celebrities, an instantly recognisable caster from the RLCS.


I wanted to explore what Kevin’s experiences were leading up to and during the RLCS LAN finals. I also used this interview as an opportunity todrive more traffic to Gaming For Adoption and my column brand Silent’s Ramblings.


I was very happy with how much of Kevin’s personality came through from the text. It was a challenge to limit what was written to keep it relevant and because we had a mix of on and off the record conversations, finding the line of public interest was something I had to work hard at.


Silent’s Ramblings with Other People: Findable Carpet

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I sat down with The Beard himself, none other than Kevin “Findable Carpet” Brown and we got into it. Oh man. It’s like this guy gets paid to talk. Definitely in keeping with the “Ramblings” title. This week he also guested on the Rocket Powered Report so check that out here, once you’re done with this of course! So we have a two-parter for you. This week we focus on RLCS and next week we get into the nitty-gritty of casting. You can find Carpet on Twitch ALL the time or on Twitter, if those links don’t work for you, it’s @FindableCarpet in both places.

This conversation happened on August 21st, 2016.

Silent: What was it like when you got the first phone call for RLCS?

Carpet: It was one of those shock moments. I was just, “What? Is this real? Is this a real thing? No way.” I had been reached out to already so I did know it existed.

Silent: You must have known you were on the radar, though?

Carpet: Well, I didn’t really. I wasn’t really known back then, I just did Pulsar Premier League and nobody watched the PPL. I don’t think Psyonix knew who I was. So, Goldenboy talked to Jamesbot and CloudFuel. He said to them, “North America, give me your lists of your top 8 casters and I’ll look through them all.” Jamesbot was a given right off the bat though. Goldenboy and Jamesbot cast together at a charity Rocket League tournament and James knew who Goldenboy was because he used to be a Halo fanatic. James was starstruck and Goldenboy loved James. When Goldenboy was assigned the task of finding RLCS casters, he said “definitely Jamesbot, this guy is great”. Now I wasn’t really known, I was just known by a very small portion of the community and some of the top players. However, I actually got a lot of feedback from early on in the scene that people liked me. Jamesbot knew me because my first ever cast was with him, so I was on the list mainly due to my passion even though no one actually knew who I was. Goldenboy watched some of my VODs, fortunately he’d been told that I was admin-ing and running the stream and everything while I’m casting.

Carpet: So, I’m hanging out at my house and Twitter pings. Goldenboy followed me. So I follow him right back. He asks, “can you call me? Call me when you get a chance.” I call him, right away and he asks me some vague questions, “is this something you want to do, do you have to quit a job, what will this mean to you?”. I respond, “This all sounds fantastic, I have nothing going for me, I’m basically a homeless jobless man, do with me what you please, will do whatever you want for money, winky face.” I get the call back when I’m at dinner with my parents, they knew I was waiting for this, I rush outside and he just says, “You’re good. We’re going to issue your plane tickets.” I freak out. How is this real, I just played way too much Rocket League, I just cast and run a tiny league. I have to go to California in front of the cameras, in a studio. Wow.

Silent: What was it like seeing the studio for the first time?

Carpet: You saw your guys’ reaction seeing the camera pan round, imagine stepping foot in it and then knowing you have to sit in it and talk about it. “This is where you’re putting me?? Who messed up, why am I here?”

Silent: So did that feeling go away? Is it just a day job now?

Carpet: Not yet, it doesn’t have the same impact, but every time I go, I still get this smile and the chills. I have no experience in production, nothing in my life was relevant. I am not prepared for this. I’m still not prepared. I feel at home now but it’s still so bright and vibrant and shiny.

Silent: The LAN finals for RLCS looked intense, how were your nerves in the run up to it?

Carpet: We got there 2 days early so we were able to get into the venue and we could see the size and the scope of the place. We could imagine how many people could fit in there as an audience. The nerves were definitely there but we were also meeting all the players. We’ve been speaking to all these guys all the time and you know, they’re really young but you lose sight of that when you’re talking and it’s just voices. I haven’t ever really spent much time with people younger than me all that much so it was interesting to interact with them in the two days leading up to the LAN. That stopped the nerves. I don’t want to say it was like we were a family because it seems too cliché but we are definitely a community. That made it a lot easier. Then we had rehearsals and we could hear our voices coming through on these big PAs and we got a sense of the scale of everything.

Silent: What was your highlight of the weekend?

Carpet: I don’t want to say the finals. Obviously, I casted the finals but it’s too easy an answer to give. I think it was the moment the camera switched to the casters desk from the analysis desk. I was casting the first series and we hear the crowd cheer, even through these massive headphones we can hear them cheering. I mean they cheered for the analysis guys when they started up but then they cheer us as well and we didn’t know if it’s the RLCS actually starting or us or what but it was amazing.

Come back next week for the thrilling conclusion, will Silent die of starvation? Does Carpet’s tongue fall out from over-use before we finish? I guess we’ll never know. Unless we look at next week’s publication

Announcement – Slam Dunk Showcase


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